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The Liberal, 22 Sep 1955, p. 9

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6 ’1 ‘ he was posted. Isnici spun NEW The Richmond Hill Arena As- sociation has acquired the ser- vices of William McDerment as Manager of the Richmond Hill Arena. He comes to the village with a great deal of experience as an arena manager. Before the war he was manager of the Ravina Gardens in Toronto. hand- ling the Arena and the Swim- ming Pool. During the War he served with the RCAF for seven years as Barrack;0ificer and su- pervised the various sporting ac- tivities of the stations to which After leaving the Air Force he spent six years as Manager of the Collingwood Community Arena. Mr. McDer- ment did an excellent job at Collingwood where he introduc- ed and promoted professional wrestling. In co-operation with the Canadian Legion his Arena operated Bingos which drew re- cord crowds. He also introduc- ed Little N.H.L. Pee Wee Hock- ey with ten teams operating on a regular schedule. This gave all the boys a chance to play hock~ ey. During his stay in Coiling- wood. “Mac's” Arena teams won seven Ontario Hockey cham- pionships. The Association wel- comes Mr. McDerment to Rich- mond Hill and they feel that he will contribute a great deal to Community Recreation 'by his skillful operation of the Arena. The Association expects to have ice by October 15 and the ice will be in for approximately six months. This is a welcome change from the 10 or so days of Skating that we used to get with natural ice. A few renovations have been going on at the Arena. There will be four new dressing rooms each equipped with a shower. Hockey players will appreciate this convenience. There also will be two dressing rooms for pub- ,. WILLIAM McDERMENT, M.B.E. Manager Richmond Hill Arena lic skaters. The entrance to the Arena will be wider to facilitate a better movement of crowds. Special storage cupboards will be installed for the minor hock- ey teams to store their equip- ment. Something new in the sched- ule will be “Tiny Tots" days in which children accompanied by an instructor (probably a par- ent) can learn to skate. All boys interested in playing hockey will get a chance in the Little N.H.L. group which takes in the ages from 8 to 12. The whole idea of this league will be to see that the players get a chance to get on the ice no matter how good or poor their ability. Of course. the girls will probably be inter- ested in the figure skating. and at present the club will operate seven hours a week with profes- sional instruction. A plan that has been used suc- cessfully in other towns is the one whereby the children get free public skating sponsored by a local merchant or merchants. When any item is purchased at a local store you get a free pass for an hour's skating at the Ar- ena. This has possibilities in Richmond Hill. Hockey of the Junior calibre is still a question mark at the time of this writing, but we would be classified as Junior D and would be in" a lea- gue with Aurora, Beeton, Noble- ton, Stoufi'ville and ,Unionville. The Association is interested in hearing from any terested in promoting hockey. If interested. contact Mr. Mc- Derment at the Arena, TUrner 4-1368. Well it should be a good year with everybody getting a chance to skate and to watch hockey and carnivals without worrying about the weather as in the past. sponsors in~ “Hilltop Sports” Bob McCui-ry On Monday September 12th the Richmond Hill Boy's Athletic Society hcld its first meeting of the school year to elect new officers for the coming season in sports. Results of the election were as follows: Staff Advisor W. Babcock. President Jim Cottrel. Vice-President Jim Pollard. Sec- retaryâ€"Treasurer Jim Neal. Pub- licity Agent Dave Pattendon. Press Committee Bob McCurry. Don Curtin. Grant Kellough, Greenhouse League Team scores and high bowlers for the Mills Green- house League games on September 18 are as follows: Ramblers 7: Luck Strikes 7; \Vrens 5; Nighthawks 2; Bearcats 0: Hustlers 0. Bob Karsh bowled a 28-1. 244: Ken Bennett 255. 207; Ted Bennett 202.253: Frank Price 272: Burt Cook 248: Norm Bowen 229; Irene « Leech 226; Irene Everett 219: Gladys Rowdcn 211 and Gus Hawks 202. Maple Bouhtlin g High single and triple in the Maple Ladies‘ Bowling League for September 19 games was Doris Cooper with a score of 252. 636. Other high scores were made by Jean Calder 219; Bert Ingram 215: Marg Gutt- ornison 2308; Betty Rumble 2!le Ann Lawric 206: .to White 205; Helen Calder 205 and Ada Watson 204. Peter C. smith and Alex Caron. At this meeting the "Consti- tution" was read. This is the first written constitution the Boy's Athletic Society has ever had and embodies all of the aims and principles which the organi- zation stand for. are: To promote boy‘s sports act- ivities To provide funds through dues. fees and social affairs. to be run by a special committee. To hold biâ€"weekly meetings on certain week days. With aid o‘f Faculty to administer an intra- mural program of activities. To publicize through the “Liberal” the whole school sports program. As last year. we are again run- ning an intramural sports pro- gram consisting of four colour teams ired. blue. green and or- anget of which each has a cap- tain and a manager. It is divid- ed into Junior and Senior age groups. thereby making available those sports such as basketball. volleyball, soccer hockey etc. to all those who wish to compete The organization endeavours to provide adequate sports for a school on a shift system. To give a chance for sports to all. irregardless of their excell in this field. We now have the officers elec- ted and constitution formed so from here it looks like an out- standing year for in the school. The RHDHS Athletic Society would like to thank the editors and staff of The Liberal for the space donated for this sports col< umn "Hilltop Sports" which will appear weekly with news and views on High School sports throughout the school year. In brief these ability to boy's sports off the pace and lost another she had 41-46 â€" 87. Prize Shepherd Pup The six month old German Shepherd puppy. Barrie of JValHala. owned by Mrs. Hil- da Skippon. Yongehurst Rd. was twice a winner this year at the CNE competitions. The animal took a third in the puppy class and a fourth in the novice class. Canadian Heavy- Les Lyman. ‘ dropped Big weight Champion. .Iim Krotcher last Monday night at Aurora Arena and never look- ed better. Krotcher. Aurora grapplcr. the starting bcll cagey champion on the dcfcnsivc He managed to take the first fall in 10 minutes with an acro- plane spin. Lyman bronzcd and fit, looking every inch a champ- ion. swept Krotcher back to the ropes. forcing him to concede the fall with a Boston Crab hold. Krotcher tried hard in the last fall but. just didn't have it. Les powerful from the and presle and had big Meet Proves Hill District Track and Field Meet last Saturday. sponsored by local service clubs through the Track Club. and under the dir- ection of W. Babcock of the High School stat-1'. over 100 ath- letes from 14 clubs participated With scoring based on a 5. 4. 3. AdaMacKenzie N'ewSr.Women Golf Champion Ada Mackenzie of Richmond Hill and a member of Toronto Ladies Golf Club halted a four year run of victories by Mrs. H. W. Soper of Montreal Kanawaki when she took the 1955 Canad- ian Senior Women's Golf Assoc- iation champoinship. It was Miss Mackenzie‘s first time competing for the senior crown and she won the 36-hole test by a margin of eight strokes. Lambton Club‘s par 37-38 â€"â€" 75 played a little longer for the second 18-hole round than it did opening day because of heavy overnight rains. However, Miss Mackenzie managed a steady 41- 45 â€" 86 to add to her opening 84 for 170. Mrs. Soper, who was paired with the new champion last week, started seven strokes Oak Ridges Bowling North York Senior ‘B' Football Schedule Swampcrs 4: Willows 4: Chain- piom 3. Strikcrs 3; Threc Strisz it: 'l'rcctops 2. Axc Handlcsfl: Happy Wondcrcrs l. Strikc Rites 1: Portsiders 1', Royal.< 0. Wildcats 0. High 3 Ladies. Grace Donnell) 608; Mary Lautamus 59-1; Ornia Craig 5350; Vcrna Foertcr 543, High 3 Mon. Henry Knuckcy 729; Stan Stcphany 660; Bill Daschuk 648: Ivor Williams .624. Ladies high single .for night. \ci'na Focrtcr 248: Mary Lanta~ mus 245: Gracc Donnelly 227; Verna Ftillcr 225. Men‘s high sincle for Henry Knuckcy 32l: Sid ilrakc 276; Cord (‘raig 271; Manock 262. night. She]- Art ._.__â€"â€"-â€"-vâ€" I.- Downed By Crab Hold Big lim Dropped Monday Never Looked Better Hist School Wins grabbed him in another Crab hold and that was it, Wins Two-Fall \‘crdict I Gori Mangotich continued his winning ways and won a two-fall verdict from Red Kelly in tho semi-final._ There's no doubt about it. this Mangotich is ccrt- ainly one of Canada's rcally out- standing light hcavywcights. Smooth and clever bc bewilderch the rod head with his speed and took the last fall with a reverse crotch hold. V In the other two bouts Chicf Little Bcavcr won over Hassan Boy and Rocky Bowlcy battled to a win over Eddie Saxon. First Annual Track And Field Big Success At the First Annual Riclimond2. 1 system. Richmond Hill won the team championship with 180 points. The score for the local squad was nearly three times that of their closest rival. New- market with 68 points. Dundas 65. Port Credit 49. Hamilton Delta 35. Aurora. 32. Hamilton \Vestdale 26, followed in that or- der. Although many compliments were received about the meet and about the success of the 10- cal club this year it is hoped that- with repeated sponsorship next year. the local Clib will in- crease its membership and be put on a more firm basis. Plans have been made to start the Club activities 'earlier next year. Newmarket and Aurora also each plan to have such a club next year, making a bi- weekly tri-club meet possible See next week‘s issue for full list of winners in the various ev- ents of this annual meeting. Friendship League The Friendship League be- gan the bowling season Tuesday afternoon at the Richmond Bowl with a good showing of scores. The following high flat scores were received: Celeste Davis 243. 208; Ruth Charity 208. 205; Mur- iel Savage 265; Marge Black- burn 253; Peggy Ripley 244; Lorraine Acreman 241; Helen Pipher 226; Dot Turner 226; Jessie Wainwright 224: Vi McLatchy 217; Win Young 212: Ruth McKenzie 206; Maisie Gibson 203. Presentation Oi Scholarships At Richvale H The first meeting of Ricl‘Tvale Home and School wan Well-at- tended by parents and staff. Chairman J. J. Tayylor introduc- ed the officers. Mr. R. Brown, V.P., Mrs. D. Bursey. Secretary. Mr. James Craigie. Correspond- ing Secretary; Treasurer. Mr. R. F. Masters and Mr. troduced the staff. Mrs. L. Wainwright, Past Pres- ident. made the presentations to the three prize-winning pupils of last years' Grade 8 class. with a few well chosen remarks in re- gards to their outstanding abiliâ€" ties. Pauline Paul was awarded the prize for highest academic standing. while Peter Bache and Bill Johnson were awarded the general proficiency prizes. Mr. J. McCarthy. liasion rcp- resentative between the Home and School and the school board read letters from the Board and explained problems which had been discussed at the last meet- ings. One of the most import- ant subjects of this meeting was the Primary progress report card. The board has asked that it be discussed at the Home and School meeting to determine the parents' attitude. Bus There was also a discussion of the suspension hour bus for Thornlea pupils. The chairman suggested this matter be taken up with the board. as last year they though it was essential for children to have hot meals at noon and ease the burden on the teachers. He also asked Mr. Mc- Carthy to clarify the heating of the basement room for the com- ing winter. A graduation banquet was suggested for the Gracie 8 pupils but will not be given this ycar. however next year the idea l> to be discussed that Grade 7 pupils and parents. with the help oi the Home and School executive may entertain the graduating class. It is also hoped to pres- ent school pins as mementos to past and present graduating pu- pits. Mrs. J. Norris was elected to the executive and a motion pat.“ ed that grade mothers take~ charge of the refreshments each month. Brown in- of the noon Richvale and ' 8! S Meeting Mr. Brown brought the meet- ing to a close with several points of interest. New insurance forms will be going out to parents by the end of the month and offer better benefits than previous ones. I An Area Eield Day Will be held at Charles Howitt school on Oct. 5. and a school field day is being planned. the date to be announced later. The prize for parent attend- ance was won by K. Kinzinger's room. Train Whistles Are Disturbing Mrs. Malcolm Thomson. North Yonge Street. wrote Richmond Hill council ask- ing that some action be takâ€" en to lessen train whistling during the night. Mrs. ’l‘hom- pson complained that the continuous signalling at vill- age crossings through the night hours was very dis- turbing to the rest of many people. Council members agreed that while signals were nec- essary in the intercsts of safety. that whistle blowing should be kept at a minimum. "Sometimes some railway- men get whistle-happy." said councillor Jones suggesting a letter be written to the rail authorities. Jaycees .lleel Richmond llil‘. .layt-ces held their opening meeting 'l‘uesday night at the Town 111“ when newly elccictl pl'e>l(lt‘lll. Jack Holtowcil took mer his duties as head of the association. During the dinner meeting. Past President Floyd Pratt was presented with a past president's pin. The next meeting will he held on October 18. Any newcomers to the village who are interested in taking part in the activities of im- .liir‘..oi' t'iiambei' t1 :2- mcrce may 39' further 1r- formation from Warren Hall at. Morleys Groceteria. The following football schcd oi forthcoming games in the Senior THE LIBERAL. Richmond Hill. Ont. Thursday, September 28. 1955 â€"- by Don Curtin iilc proscnts a cancral pitiurc "R" \n Imaguc Il~l"‘l".~‘i~: marks the games to which particular attention should be tlruwn in September. SEPTEMBER 21 â€" Pickering ('ollcgc at Markham r:22 â€"- Richmond Hill at Aurora *24 â€"â€" Pickering (‘ollegc at Thornhill '27 â€"â€" Richmond Hill at Markham OCTOBER 5 â€" Markham at Pickering College 8 â€" ’l‘hornhill at Richmond Hill 12 â€" Richmond Hill at Pickering t'ollcae Thornhill a t Markham 19 â€" Richmond Hill at Markham Thornhill at Pickering College 22 â€" Richmond Hill at Thornhill 26 -â€" Thornhill at Markham 29 â€" PiCkering C ollcgc at Richmond Hill The loyal support of all who have an interest in football is urgently needed to ensure a success- ful season. ‘1st Ball Game In the first exhibition game of the year. Richmond Hill District High School came tip with a \icâ€" tor}: over. St. Andrew‘s second squad 22â€"0 on Tuesday. Richmond Hill opcncd the scoring in the first quarter by a scrics of ground plays. which sci up .Iim Pollard for a quarter- back sneak 11 yds. out. Munroc converted his own TD. Richmond Hill chalked up two more major scores in the sec- ond quarter when Jim Veal pull- ed in a beautiful 20 yard pass and plunged all the way. Pollard converted for the single point. After another grOund attack. Jim Pollard bucked his way over for his second touchdown of the afternoon The convert was missed. Richmond Hill led at half-time 17â€"0. The third quart- cr was scoreless for both teams. In the fourth quarter RH. add- ed another touchdown after an aerial play and a line buck. Tom Pick plunged over on an oil'- tackle smash. The convert was missed. 1n the Iinal moments of the game. St Andrew's threat- cncd when they recovered a Richmond Hill fumble and march ed down to the 12 yard line but two passes went incomplete and' thc whistle went, ending the game. _ Three & Four Nursery School OPENED SEPTEMBER 6 i for information. TELEPHONE TU. 4-2879 MRS. C. R. TILT Bridegford St., off Centre W RICHMOND IIILL * LUCKY DOOR PRIZES * Saturday Morning League Starts The Richmond Ilitl Satur- day morning League which enjoyed such popularity am- ong the younger bowling set last year is to be opened ag- ain this year at the Richmond Bowl. .\ll boys and girls [0 to 17 years are eligible to join. Those illrli‘llinE to join the Saturday Morning League should meet at the Richmond Bowl on Saturdav. October 1 at 9.30. Further information can be obtained from Mr. and Mrs. George Clyde at TL‘. 4-3326. St. Mdry’s Bowling St. Mary's RC. bowling leagâ€" ue was off to a fine start Tues- day night with a full turnout. Captain Galiiene's team led the pack with a total score of 3072. II. Natale topped the men wih 608 i244|, while Pat Ward led the ladies with 537 1207). Rose Marie Mullins' game of 231 was th ebcst ladies‘ single ef- fort. HOME REPAIR Cop tractor SPECIALISTS In all kinds of leaks. . Roofing. Eavestroughlng Chimney Brick 8: Cement Work, Caulking, Painting. Drain, General Repairs of all kinds Work Done Immediately Written Guarantee "rmâ€"43344 t t BAYVIEW CONVALESCENT HOME (First Place North of No. 7 Highway on Rayview) (il‘tltltltilt‘ Nurse in charge Maid and tray scrvicc ‘31 hour nursing service Special care for aged people Transportation service Reasonable rates Private & Scmi â€" Two Rooms AVenue 5-1066 Collect 9 Service (‘lubs and (‘luhs in the Richmond Hill ‘ HOCKEY. SEASON 1955-56 District interested in the promotion of MINOR HOCKEY are requested to send a representative to a meeting to he held in the Arena Office- Richmond Hill. on Tuesday, September 27, at 8 pm. Richmond Hill Arena Association Special Offer SMITH UPHOLSTERING Over 25 years experience in the Better Shops in Toronto s) s.- PIECE CHESTERFIELD RECOVERED For as low as $65.00 (Including materials) 5 Year Guarantee $10.00 Down - 2 Years to Pay Special Prices On Commercial Work A SMITH UPHOLSTERING Free Estimates AV. 5-1682 PROCLAMATION Notice Is Hereby Given That Daylight Saving Time will terminate in the Township of Vaughan at 2 o'clock am. on Sunday, September 25, 1955, and at that time the clocks will be set back an hour to Eastern Standard Time. This means that Sunday, September 25, will be on Standard Time. JAMES McDONALD Clerk ' 1231’:;|::Il46l69 2‘0 .1 50 t‘b 55 72 65 1 s TlTflm 53 64 5 120 I39I 471 74 MARSHALL McMURCIâ€"IY Reeve RICHMOND HILL LIONS I'IALL CENTRE STREET EAST EVERY - FIRST BINGO -- MONDAY, SEPT. 26 8 RM. PROCEEDS FOR LIONS WELFARE WORK Free Parking

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