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Family of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise 
Image  1912  A photograph of the family gathering of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.
Routledge family of Oak Ridges 
Image  ca. 1890s  A photograph of the Routledge family of Oak Ridges. Seated on the left is mail carrier C. Harper. Standing, left to right, are: Hettie, Charlie, Emma (Mrs. Peter) Routledge, Lucy, Peter Routledge, and Mary Jane Routledge, Peter's sister. Sitting on the grass are Marsh, John, and Watson.
Atkinson family 
Image  1894  A photograph of William David Atkinson with his wife Frances Trench and son William Donald Trench Atkinson. This photo was likely taken in 1894. W.D. Trench died in 1895 and Donald was born in 1891.
Routledge family 
Image  ca. 1894  A photograph of the Routledge family of Oak Ridges. Left to right: Marsh, John, Hettie, Peter Routledge, Emma (Mrs. Peter) Routledge, Mary Jane Routledge (Peter's sister), and C. Harper, the mail carrier. Seated on the grass are: Charlie, Watson, and Lucy. Peter Routledge was appointed postmaster...
P. G. Savage and his family 
Image  1 Jan 1909  A photograph of the P.G. Savage family of Richmond Hill. Left to right are Palmer (son of Will), Mrs. Will (Palmer) Savage, Armand with his son Peter, Susan (Mrs. Armand) Savage, Albert, William, and Mrs. Albert Savage with her son Keith. Seated are P.G. (Peter Gould) Savage and his second wife,...
Dunlop family 
Image  1910-1930  A photograph of the John H. Dunlop family in front of the house built by Amos Wright.
Joseph Henry Hall with his wife and his son 
Image  ca. 1875  A photograph of Joseph Henry Hall with his wife Mary Elisabeth and their son. Joseph H. Hall (Dec. 21, 1839 - Feb. 26, 1924), his wife Mary Eliabeth Walker (Dec. 18, 1846 - June 27, 1923). Written by ink pen on the back: Grandad (sic) Joseph Henry Hall 1839-1923, wife Elisabeth -1922, son Fredrick...
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McConchy 
Image  ca. 1890s  A photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm McConchy with children.
Ella and Lizzie MacLean with their mother 
Image  1880-1910  A photograph of Ella and Lizzie MacLean with their mother. Reid Wilson is listed as assistant to Eldridge Stanton in Toronto directory. Ella McLean Lizzie MacLean with their mother McLean Elizabeth (Whittaker) McLean
Reverend James Grant and his family 
Image  ca. 1890s  A photograph of Reverend James Grant and his family in front of the Presbyterian manse. On the left is Mrs. Grant's sister Hedley MacKay Pentland, then Jessie Grant, and Rev. Grant. The baby on the lawn is the Grants' son Robert.
Amos Wright family 
Image  1899  A photograph of the Amos J. Wright family on the front lawn of the house built by Abraham Law in 1832. Left to right are Osmond, Lucetta, Lucetta Alene Olive, Amos, and Myrtal. Amos J. Wright's wife Lucetta was the daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Law. The photo was likely taken around 1899....
Atkinson family in front of William Atkinson's store 
Image  ca. 1870s  A photograph of the members of the Atkinson family in front of William Atkinson's store, known as the Concrete House.
Frederick Wellington Hall, Robert Walker Hall, and Charles E. Hall 
Image  ca. 1900s  A photograph of Frederick Wellington Hall (on the back), Robert Walker Hall (left), and Charles E. Hall (right). Frederick Wellington Hall (1871-1963), Robert Walker Hall (1875-1948), Charles E. Hall (1878-1937). F.W. Hall R.W. Hall, Chas. E. Hall
Jean Burgar and her daughter 
Image  ca. 1940s  A photograph of Jean Burgar (nee Hall) with her daughter. Jean Annette Burgar (1912-1996).
The Hall family 
Image  17 Apr 1949  A photograph of Jean Burgar (Hall), Robert hall, Frederick Wellington Hall. April 17 1949 Dad 78 yrs old. Jean, Bob, W. Hall in Back mother Audrey
The Hall Family 
Image  1920-1923  A photograph of the Hall family on the front porch of their house. Joseph Hall (1839-1924), Mary Elisabeth Hall (1846-1923), Robert Hall (b. 1918) reverse side: aunt Hannah (half sister of grandmother) granddad Joseph Henry Hall grandmother Mary Eliz. Hall Bob Hall 59 Centre St. East
Frank Hall with his wife and first child Elizabeth 
Image  1869  A photograph of Frank Hall with his wife and first child Elizabeth.
Family portrait 
Image  1881-1887  A photograph of unknown family. James Dixon is listed as operating photography business in Toronto on 201 Yonge St. from 1881-1887. From the Studio Jas. Dixon Artistic Photographer, No. 201 & 203 Yonge Street, Negatives kept.
Family photo 
ImageMysteries:  1940s (?)  A family photograph.
Tintype of a family 
Image  ca. 1870s  Tintype of unidentified family. "A tintype, also known as a melainotype or ferrotype, is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel." Tintypes enjoyed their widest use during the 1860s and 1870s. (Wikipedia)
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