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Playing horseshoes 
ImageMysteries:  1940s  A photograph of two people playing horseshoes.
People with a doll 
ImageMysteries:  1940s  A photograph depicting a group of people with a doll.
Volunteer labourers 
Image  1940s  A photograph of volunteer labourers. Left to right: George Agar, Russell "Curly" Lynett, and Jack Smith, Liberal editor and publisher.
Two grand-daughters of Dr. Lewis Langstaff 
Image  1940s  A photograph of two grand-daughters of Dr. Lewis Langstaff. They are the daughters of his son Fred, and great-grand-daughters of John Langstaff. Elizabeth Langstaff is on the right.
Judith and Bruce Langstaff 
Image  1940s  A photograph of young Judith and Bruce Langstaff.
Judith Langstaff 
Image  1940s  A photograph of the young Judith Langstaff, daughter of Dr. James Rolph Langstaff.
Photo of Bruce Langstaff 
Image  late 1940s  A photograph of Bruce Langstaff, son of Dr. James Rolph Langstaff.
Alex J. Hume 
Image  1940s  A photograph of A.J. Hume (1858-1943), Clerk of the Village of Richmond Hill.
The Liberal, 4 Jan 1940 
Newspapers    ... will have an entirely new council for the year 1940. Never {before in the thirty- five years: Mr. A. J. Hume has been clerk of the municipality has an entirely new council took office in the village. In the secondI largest vote ever to :be recorded‘ the elect- ors defeated all meml‘oers of the 19439...
The Liberal, 11 Jan 1940 
Newspapers    ... not appoint a solici- tor with the annual retainer fee of $100 but that legal services should be obtained When needed. Caretaker R. Casement was named as Weed Inspector and Councillor Middleton re-appointed as Building RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, THURSDAY, JANUARY 11th, 1940. A committee of council too has...
The Liberal, 18 Jan 1940 
Newspapers    ... were busy in the neighborhood again last Friday. night when Mr. John Nixon lost his entire flock. The annual meeting of the Unit- ed' 8.8. was h‘eld' January 10 in the SS. room. The teachers and off- icers for 1940 were elected' as fol- lows: Hon. Supt., J. A. Rose; Supt. 'M. J...
The Liberal, 25 Jan 1940 
Newspapers    ...;-he nadio and on the sage in the not too distant future. Dr. Grossmrith is a. wellâ€"an English actor as well as a highly accomp- lished musician. BIRTH BEALEâ€"At Burnside Hospital, To- ronto, on Saturday, January 20th, 1940, to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Beale (nee Bernice Taylor) the gift of twin...
The Liberal, 1 Feb 1940 
Newspapers    ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.03 Cash in Bank Aud'ited and Approved> (Signal) F. Hoover. Election of officer-s resulted in the following executive to hold office for 1940: Hon. Pres., Dr. Lillian Langstaff; Pres., Mrs. P. C. Hill; ViceePres.“ MN. Walker Hall; Sec, Mrs. James Lanrgstaiff; Treas., Mrs. Violet M...
The Liberal, 8 Feb 1940 
Newspapers    ... EUCHRE EUCHRE PARKING Ii “In Essentials. Unity; In Non-essentials, Lit "In Essentials. Unity; Ip_Non-essentials, Libegty_: RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 1940. LEGAL COSTS BOOST TAX RATE FOR 1940 BY THREE MILLS Prospects of Real Estate Develop- ment of the Arnold Estate...
The Liberal, 15 Feb 1940 
Newspapers    ....â€"â€"In Peterboro, Ion Monday, February 5th, 1940, iArchie R. Hoover, in his 57th year. Late conductor on the C.N.R. Son of the late Benjamin Hoover and lEmmeline Ramer of Markham and .brother of Mrs. Wilfred Jones of ‘Richmond Hill and the late Peter |Hoover of Long Branch. Funeral service was held at resi...
The Liberal, 22 Feb 1940 
Newspapers    ... the meeting the ladies were served a very dainty lunch by the hostess, Mrs. Nichols. Funeral was held Tuesday, Feb. 20 at Wright .& Taylor’s Funeral Home, Richmond Hill. Interment followed in St. John’s cemetery, Oak Ridges. DIED * PARK, Herbert Georgeâ€"On Sunday, February 18th, 194-0, Herbert...
The Liberal, 29 Feb 1940 
Newspapers    .... VICTORIA SQUARE RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 291b, 1940. NEW HOMES TUBE BUILT IN VILLAGE Within the next few days an exca- vation will be started for a new home to be built on Roseview Ave. which will be the first of a number of such homes to be built this year under the National Housing...
The Liberal, 7 Mar 1940 
Newspapers, 1940. armed at once, and some of the' greatest advocates of disarmament now became the greatest critics of the government of Canada, and what part did Dr. Manion play in the Que- ibec election held since the outbreak of war? Did he take any stand against Mr. Duiplesasis? Did he say anything...
The Liberal, 14 Mar 1940 
Newspapers    ...- icles. YORK COUNTY VETERANS TRUMPET BAND THURSDAY, MARCH 14th, 1940. "SALAM' TEA CHARLIE CHAN IN PANAMA : SEA SCOUT (S.S.) PARAMOUNT NEWS Wm”oooooooomouoooooomooooooooooooum 090‘ Each spring as all of our mem- bers are aware, the society’s sprayer visits the gardens of many...
The Liberal, 21 Mar 1940 
Newspapers    ... at Castlefield mg? “In Essentials, Unity; IpiNon-essentials, Libe1_'_ty.: In All Thmgs. Charity” RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO, THURSDAY, MARCH let, 1940. Mulock Meeting Richmond Hill Saturday Night Brigadier-General C. L. Hervey and Morgan Baker Also to Speak 001:. W. P. Mulock, North Yorkâ...
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