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Carroll and James Langstaff 
Image  1914  A photograph of Carroll and James Langstaff.
Dr. Rolph Langstaff with the Ford Model T 
Image  ca. 1914  A photograph of Dr. Rolph Langstaff with the Ford Model T.
Picnic at Bond Lake Park 
Image  1914  A photograph of people at picnic at Bond Lake Park.
The Liberal, 1 Jan 1914 
Newspapers    ... of the Umnmil “at-re elect- vd”-bf m-clar‘xmtinh. The Council ‘fn'r 1914 will he~Romwn James A. Cameron; Deputy-reew. J.‘ S. McNair; Council- ima, J. G, \thmm-e, J. T. Sangenn. and 1119):. Came-run. Mr. J. B. Mc- Lr-an. Township Clvrk, was rplm'n up; otfium'. and Rev. 8. R. Rolnnmm pre...
The Liberal, 8 Jan 1914 
The Liberal, 15 Jan 1914 
Newspapers    ...;ch Hill Th5 Rand to Scéf Summrt .N O‘I‘ARY PUBLIC RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, JANUARY 15. 1914 505:: :7. @avz'dson Real Estate and Insurance eristers, Snlictors, 8m WILLIAM COOK YVRIGâ€"HT BRO S. VOICING AND . . . . ACTION REGULATING TORONTO, ONT. EDWARD FRANCIS NOTARY PUBLIC...
The Liberal, 22 Jan 1914 
Newspapers    ... January 14th. 1914. BKCKNELL. RAIN. MACDONALD & GORDON $33M? n O 0 MILLIONS FOR FOOD Apphcution will be umde brthe puns Tnbules cure headache. pans 'I‘abules: for sour stomach. Sulicitns fur the Company. A. v. wmuaj. For Sale To Rent For Sale To Rent 1:; Li‘ANJZE, 191‘4...
The Liberal, 29 Jan 1914 
Newspapers    ..., JANUARY '29. 1914 I l I I KING COUNCIL Council met at Temperance Hall. Kettleby. Jun. l2. Members all present. After subscribing to Declaration of Qualification andOt’flce. members took their seats at the. Council Board. Reeve \V. J. \Vells in the Chair. A number of Communications...
The Liberal, 5 Feb 1914 
Newspapers    ...-day after-mum. \Vmulm-iduv, Saturday forvnnnn. Mn:an (.0 2mm at Fin- Pcz- Can (5 Riohmono. Iâ€"Iill Danton, Grover & Field (7‘331MlSSiONER. CONYEY \NhER. ET! Real Estate and Insurance Lawrence & Dunbar, RICHMOND HILL. ON’I‘., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5. 1914 RICHMOND HILLE: THORNHILL...
The Liberal, 12 Feb 1914 
Newspapers    ... fur the War 1914 was held on Friday. F1-h.6. Owing to the un- favmuhle wenther cunditionx thv ab- tendunm- was very smnll. \Vv xvi-ah to say that, those who did not name missnd '1 (rant. The newiy rpmudeled room mm wry may, and the papers war» wr-ll wm-t_h hegu-ing. . ONT.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 1...
The Liberal, 19 Feb 1914 
Newspapers    ... Furnishing kep at. both places Denton, Grover & Field RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1914 Lawrence & Dunbar, H. A. NICHOLLS OFFICEâ€"SUITE 31. TORONTO DAILY STAR BLDG..18 KING STREET \VEST ('udcrlnkers & tnnhnlmers. Oommissionet, Conveyancer, etc. Insurance, and Real...
The Liberal, 26 Feb 1914 
Newspapers    ... (If Agrimilt lllllltt'. Ottawa. fi‘.-. Thni‘uh €11. A must drliglutul int-Ling was sprut iu tlw pl‘t‘t'IIH‘Ix‘ iri‘ [’atti-isinn Littlgt‘, A.F..\.L\I., II‘IIUII‘IIIII, l'il Fc-Ii. 16.1914. th-u ll. \\’. Iiiii. Jnhu Stvplwih‘. I).I).G..\I. &apos...
The Liberal, 5 Mar 1914 
Newspapers    ... that the guests Were participating in mule than one kind of pleasure. nu. SlLVER WEDDING 5. 191.4 if} the among let; the saying I of the IIC- tlw sil- RICHMOND HILL. ONT All kinds of CAKES and BISCUITS kept in stcck Everything up-to-date in CANNED GOODS and GROCERIES D. HILL & Go. Bakers...
The Liberal, 12 Mar 1914 
Newspapers    ... AND . ACTION REGULATING 'I‘HORNHILI. RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, MARCH 12. 191.4 WRIGHT BROS. \ lemma Sts.. l‘m-O'no TORONTO. ONT. START RIGHT ELLIOTT Aux-urn In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Liberty; in all things, Charity.” ELLIOTT. P none Main Adelaide rincipaâ...
The Liberal, 19 Mar 1914 
Newspapers    ...;unwmn. lee-v0: Mr. J. S. I (h-puly-l'vevo: and Messrs. J. G‘ VAUGHAN COUNCIL. '1‘. Edigeon cuunullnrs. on \Ved ncsdn I 1!). 191.4 ’l‘umnh'w. That, the Clerk » n hy-Mw and h). 6. Vaughan, on of said sec- :fvn-ed to 5.5. J. G. Whit and Alex mws A Manh {RICHMOND HILL. ONT...
The Liberal, 26 Mar 1914 
Newspapers    ... and Sollcllors. Barrister, Solicitor, Notary, Etc 301% .7. ?avidson Organs Repaired. Expert Work EDWARD FRANCIS, NOTARY PUBLIC Barristers, Snlicrors. &c. T030NT0,‘0N'T. WILLIAM COOK WRIGHT BROS. VOICING AND . . - ACTION REGULATING THORNHILL RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY. MARCH 926. 1914...
The Liberal, 2 Apr 1914 
Newspapers    ...€™m'stws, Sulicrurs NOTARY PUBLIC RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, APRIL f3. 1914 W. J. ELLIOTT. Prlncipal In Essentialc, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Liberty; in all things, Charity Pnoue Main 2984 Cont, (57o Adelaide MISSION BAN D The mission band will hnld thei'.‘ Eastm- mee-ting (in Monday. April (5...
The Liberal, 9 Apr 1914 
Newspapers    ... “In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Liberty; in all things, Charity." [Single copies, 3 cts. VOL. XXXVI. RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY. APRIL 9. 1914 No. 41 “ he ghoul ” IS PUBLISHED EVERY BHURSDAY MORNING AT THE IIBERAL PRINTING it PUBLISHING HOUSE RICHMOND...
The Liberal, 16 Apr 1914 
Newspapers    .... Expert Work Barristers, Snlicmrs, &c WILLIAM COOK RICHMOND HILL. ONT.. THURSDAY. APRIL 16. 1914 VOICING AND . . ACTION REGULATING THORNHILL EDWARD FRANCIS, NOTARY PUBLIC WRIGHT BROS TORONTO,â€"ONT. In Essentialc, Unity; in Nan-Essentials, Liberty,- z'u all things, Charity.” W. J...
The Liberal, 23 Apr 1914 
Newspapers    .... 1914 VOICING AND . . . ACTION REGULATING THORNH I [L ELLIOTT NOTARY PUBLIC owest rates Aunts. Funeral Furnishing both places In Essentials, Unity; in . J. ELLIOTT. Princlpal Elnbnlmors. Phone Main 2984 One license was canceled.two licenses were held over and two applications for shop...
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