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Photograph of two young women 
Image    ...A photograph of two young women standing at 44 Benson Avenue. Margaret Cowie is on the right. The picture was taken on May 4, 1912....
Jacob Eyer and his wife Elizabeth Heise 
Image  1912  A photograph of Jacob Eyer and his wife Elizabeth Heise on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Family of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise 
Image  1912  A photograph of the family gathering of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.
High School in Richmond Hill 
Image  ca. 1910  A postcard depicting Richmond Hill High School. Front side: High School, Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada Reverse side: Souvenir Post Card Published by A.J. Lahmer, Vellore, Ont., Canada Printed in Great Britain R.L. Lynett
Yonge Street looking South 
Image  13 Aug 1912  ...Postcard printed in 1910. Postal stamps are dated 13 August 1912 and 24 August 1912....
The Liberal, 4 Jan 1912 
Newspapers    ...¬ne illustrations simply cannot, _convey. - - ~ ' ' 'Kéfiiher himd-clasfisltruly said, All were pleased, no word discordant, Could by any be perceived; Perfect harmony pervaded, 'Twas a grand success achieved. J amer 1, 1912. MRS. P. L. GRANT. The quality of the photograviires...
The Liberal, 11 Jan 1912 
Newspapers    ... is in the Canadian Building. Ottawa. and frqm him, further information may be ~ I uni-n med, FORESTRY CONVENTION. “THE BLUE». BIRD.“ JAN LITERARY CIRCLE. . 11. 191.2 uâ€"I-qy-q i CUUGHS 'AN‘D cams $¢++¢++¢+$++++++++++++++++ At this season ofxthe yedr‘smL den changes of climate &apos...
The Liberal, 18 Jan 1912 
Newspapers    .... 191.2 ELtIO‘i'i' 'ding the well-known “In Eflefltiaic, Unity; i‘u Non-Essentials, Lifi'rty; in all things, Charity.” mt. Phone Main 2984 51-6m “I‘lgllnnd, Etfiqlaind of dykes and cun- fpl§, Can he reabht-d in about, ten hours 53.3 voyage. from ï...
The Liberal, 25 Jan 1912 
Newspapers    ... of entxies in horses at last year’s fair was 192 and the total entries altogether wére 703. The a mount paid in prizes for horses was $473, and the total in prizes was in Lhe neighbor- hood of $900. The Society starts out with u ‘memhorship for 1912, of 63. Messrs. ()luhine, Boyle); Sanderson, Forester...
The Liberal, 1 Feb 1912 
Newspapers    ... these services. Our united wish is that you may continue for many years to give us the benefit of your shrewd, practical advice in promoting the interests of the King and Vaughan Branch of the Ontario Plowmen’s Associction. Signed on behalf at the members. King, Jan. 26, 1912. May we offer you...
The Liberal, 8 Feb 1912 
Newspapers    ...€. . ACTION REGULi‘Y'I‘N't 3052: 3. @avi'zl-son THORNMLL BEST PLACE IN CANADA LV' OT z.) FAY PUBLIC Barristers, Solictors. &c. WILLIAM COOK FRANK Emonmx BROWN. A. UAhwRox Macxwaxmox. WRIGHT BROS. RICHMOND HILL, ONT” THURSDAY, FEB. 8.1912 “,InjEssen'tiaic, Unity...
The Liberal, 15 Feb 1912 
Newspapers    .... NOTARY PUBLIC . A. NICHOLLS $0511 .7. 2m: r'dson THORNHILL TORONTO. ONT. WILLIAM COOK VOICING AND‘. £ . . ACTION REGULATING iarristers Solictnrs. 8m. Fun-x Emcgmm HB‘IWN. . fiJAIIflKoN YIACNAUGHTUN RICHMOND HILL, ONT., THURSDAY, FEB. 15, 1912 mm. In Essentialv, Uhity...
The Liberal, 22 Feb 1912 
Newspapers    ...¬‚iceâ€"~Bemov so to the old post- 071ch A large stock of F1 vie-ml 1 i Trishir-g, “in Essa-Mich, Unity; in Non-Essentials. Liberty; in all things, Charity.” OBITUARY. The late Mr. Andrew Newton, who died at his home, Richmond Hill, Sunâ€" , day, February 11, 1912, and whose iduuth notice appeared...
The Liberal, 29 Feb 1912 
Newspapers    ...'run. ELLIOTT RICHMOND HILL, ONT.‘, THURSDAY, FEB. 29. 191.2 mm. “In Essentials, Unity; in 51~6m Tth n gmnt of $75.00 be given re gmveling South Townliue. between Guns. 6 und 7. in cunjunctinn with I Vaughan Council. Wellsâ€"M30nheâ€"That a grant of $100.00, be given re graveling Sid...
The Liberal, 7 Mar 1912 
Newspapers    ..., a. driver. That’s The Cashel scribe has returned with the mbins. MARCH CANADIAN. Cashel. . 1912 :1). HILL 30 00;, Choice Confectionery alway in stock. Hill’s We thank the public for the ‘genemuh patronage in the past», and will (Ia-rm estlv strive to serve you faithfully...
The Liberal, 14 Mar 1912 
Newspapers    ..., MARCH 14, 1912 NOX 3631. FRANK Emcmrm Rn Iwm. A. UAmmuN VIACNAUGHTON. WRIGHT BROS. “In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Liberty,- in allthings, Charity.” £25m. «S: MORGAN Phone MM L Lind-1 5L6”: Gnu «ntimi utWVest York was held in '1 he {gshyterinn Church March 12...
The Liberal, 21 Mar 1912 
Newspapers    ....L.A., requesting the latter to straneg oppose the le islation being - sought by said Town of ginrth Toronto. JAMES A. CAMERON, Reeve. Council then udiourned.‘ --Curl~ied. Council adjourned to meet on April 9 at 10 mm. Held at Elgin Mills on Match 4. 1912. Memhers presvnt:â€"<Reeve CHOWI...
The Liberal, 28 Mar 1912 
Newspapers    ... Solicitors. BEST PLACE IN CANADA Sofia 3. fiaot’dson THORNHILL TORONTO. ONT. WILLIAM COOK WRIGHT BROS. VOICING AND . . . . ASTION REGULATING FRANK lumen“): HR‘HVN. a. UAuuuuN dAchueH'l‘oN. RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1912 ELLIOTT TORONTO. mum. “In Essentialv...
The Liberal, 4 Apr 1912 
Newspapers    ...EST, TORON T0. Barristers a nu! Solicitors. BEST PLACE lN CANADA N OTARY PUBLIC VOlCING AND . . . . ACTION REGULATING Barristers. Snlicturs. 8m. WILLIAM COOK WRIGHT BROS. FRANK Elnoan him". A. Cn'maon awnucmx. RICHMOND HILL. ONT“ THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1912 NOTARY PUBLIC 33mm. "...
The Liberal, 11 Apr 1912 
Newspapers    ...€œif the number said lht-y saw no diffvrumie, hm. all the ntlwrs repprtwl immense-s. Elmer) Ummtivs “ow represented in thr- rppnrts'. frum Durhnm in the East lnICssex in the “fr-st. Thv \‘ulue uf increases. includ- ing su'aw. was figured at Ov-tulu r 1911 prices, and March 1912 prices. le fmuwr...
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