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Pupils and teacher at Patterson School 
Image  20 Sep 1898  A photograph of the pupils and teacher Miss M. Hall at Patterson School.
The Liberal, 6 Jan 1898 
Newspapers    ... vntteuded no on shortest motive and at rem. lemoeu. Patronage solicited. "said-nor um Adctioneers oand Peal. G01 alsales 0 Stock. Busonaolerates Barristers, Solicitors, &c TOI afternoon etc..a.tten- nable rate )k will ickardi & PI entice RICER‘JU‘ND HELL. THUR§DAY, JANUARY 6, 1898...
The Liberal, 13 Jan 1898 
Newspapers    ... pcr annum, in advance] V6=L. XX. mummaâ€"mâ€"m .- mm’o‘m “In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentials, Libs . WWW}??? nmtefmfim RIC I-Il‘viOND 1 II T' A i. fly ; in ali things, Charity.” LL, THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1898. [Single...
The Liberal, 20 Jan 1898 
Newspapers    ... in the di- nectory of Toronto for 1898. and the publishers Claim that this entitles the city to a population of 225,000. The Dominion Treasury Board has issued a circular warning civil SOT» vents against wireâ€"pulling as ameans of securing promotion or increase 01 omoluknent. At Brantford, William...
The Liberal, 27 Jan 1898 
Newspapers    ...-5 all i0 8 p m fififi"! lroy, onl on Friday attended to nor domesticut and most ap- nary college 0 Ve t win my wery VVed 1898. 3 pm M‘ Board, 51 (:4 >mfurmblo Jodern con- commercial fur ri'iiug Into all LicensedAuctioneers for the County at York,re- spectfully...
The Liberal, 3 Feb 1898 
Newspapers    ..., £51.15 per barrel , H. L. h] gau'y 13, 1898. 2m VETERINARY SURGEON ‘Vill be in Richmond Hill every \Ved- nesdzLy until March, 1898. mmmm DR. W. PALMER HOUSE, Bumfifiaga “'A LTER HU very accommodation to questn. Board, .51. ' verday G to M) :n m; RICEQQOND H F...
The Liberal, 10 Feb 1898 
Newspapers    ...': 13, 1898. 2m Charges moderate. Patronage solicited. Adâ€" dress, White Rose P.0. Ripans Tabules. Ripans Tabules: one gives relief. Ripans T-abules cure liver troubles. Ripans Tabnles: pleasant laxative. Society and Fashion Gossip I from the lQue 313 City. The Arlâ...
The Liberal, 17 Feb 1898 
The Liberal, 24 Feb 1898 
The Liberal, 3 Mar 1898 
Newspapers    ....40 9.18 EV ERYâ€"â€"â€" an d B‘riday. 10.30 PFRE PM: E): 1.20 2.37 km Ex 045 Mail. 6-15 (3‘34 ’I|‘7 716 mrml and the Filmer 8.30 n m. 5.30 p. m. baturdav, March 12, 1898, The next mortng of the Council of theTownship of Murkham will be held...
The Liberal, 10 Mar 1898 
Newspapers    .... B m‘ristex‘s. Solicitnrs, 610‘ RECEâ€"EMOE‘ID HILL, THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1898 J. E}. Rea dman, {3%} RT :93}; 120 Loan. 'E‘ fi'fiflfififil‘h. S. T. Brookes, J. 'i‘. Saigeen, N. E. Smith, ISSIUNER IN WEI-Z: 523mm I! & DRMISTON. I Essmtz...
The Liberal, 17 Mar 1898 
Newspapers    ...€˜i'i KATE Siicvkes as; Biough. B an istel's, Smit‘itnrs, 6m REC}! MOND HILL, THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1898. J. 3?. iamulnlan, EVAN” 84 smns Room 10 ank (War to Stu 'I‘ornntv. nnd' Hull. Richmmu‘ 27"”? ‘ hymn! '1 ucw. afternoons. 1 mater-s LAWRENCE &...
The Liberal, 24 Mar 1898 
The Liberal, 31 Mar 1898 
Newspapers    ..., 6m RICHMOND HILL. THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1898. GHKMIEEIUNEE IN THE Stokes a: Blough. Emma 10, York Chumbers.9 Toron- to Rt. Turnnto. and atomrerpo Hun, Hit‘hvmmd Hill, all day \le- nvsdzw. lmd Tuesday and Sam rdny afternoons. J. D. Readmnn, J. '1‘. Snigeon, Erma. In Esssntiais, Uï...
The Liberal, 7 Apr 1898 
Newspapers    ...€™l'oliox'i'o. Members prosout V llC'lfilD HlLL, THURSDAY, APRIL '7, 1898. rm.» mm, mm: p u- m u "can. m zkwsvzvmfimwmi «A.- .. Wrr.€f_1-41‘/ x V" _~-n_,fl-.‘...w.m (mums .M Ladies W111 be in Style To the. Editor 01TH)”. LIBERAL DEAR Show ‘No liud i‘ho pleasure of visi...
The Liberal, 14 Apr 1898 
Newspapers    ...€˜iunisliingz :. EZmncl WEE” Rip:ii:': Tohul T“? L. x=’_‘l’l‘lilll. ii; ’ no USE, ; l I ls l --.-1.. . s ., ,.. 1.». ntials, Liberty; in all. things, Charity.” RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, APRIL 14-, 1898. rmwp l llilfillll, SHIN {is $KE£NSl iuiâ...
The Liberal, 21 Apr 1898 
Newspapers    ... HELL, THURSDAY, APRIL '21, 1898. Temphone 47 J. H. Vim; mm“. Carmine. D BLOL‘GD The Markham Towmhip Council metab Victoria Hall, Unionville, on Tuvsu‘mythu 12th inst). Members-all presmit: {he reeve in the chair. Tilt! minuhss of last meeting read'zmd con- firmed. â...
The Liberal, 28 Apr 1898 
Newspapers    ... day Wed- .Lv, and ‘l‘nu a ' um‘x Saturday T337113} {LTD HILL, THURSDAY, éPBIL 28, 1898. 39‘ mikes (is: Enough . CUMSH SSIOR. IN THE EN .13 & ORMISTON. .11 . D. flea dman, tors. CODYCVRDCCEF, N nturios‘ rS'c J. '1‘. Saigeon, S. &apos...
The Liberal, 5 May 1898 
The Liberal, 12 May 1898 
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