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Photograph of a young woman 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1892-1895  ...Nelles C. Shorey is listed as operating from 1892-1895 in Toronto, on 324 Yonge Street. Source:
The Liberal, 7 Jan 1892 
Newspapers    ...€"lMl’lND HILL, THU .SDAY, JANUARY 7, 1892. Est. 'irs‘: saves: N(f)'l‘.llt‘if’ l’lTlZLIG. CUM T-ll".\li tb-YIR lN 7 HT. HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, &c. Issuer of Marriage Licenses. lllUlMONl‘v lllld’. l‘US'l‘ OFFICE. 9432‘. ciiillmwuglf, 'l’HQRNE‘LILL, ONT...
The Liberal, 14 Jan 1892 
Newspapers    ...-s. Salmm Evian-(II CoMfiHSSXONEB IN THE Bulking”: Proprietor. J. T. Saigon“, MAPLE RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, JANUARY M, 1892. Tlms. Cos ERNEST F LANGS I‘AFF At rates from WM. RICH ARDSON, Proprietor (l JOHN KELL Y, I‘mnrietm“ In Essentiais, Unity,- in 1Von~53$eutials, Liberty; in all...
The Liberal, 21 Jan 1892 
Newspapers    ... ry Surgeon, HMOND HILL POST OFFICE 11164 have un Richmond Hill, R SENT. UPWQRDS. $1.00 Salnal Eduard! amc Wines, quuors and Clgars. .l. T. Snigeon, E LI BE EA. I RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, JANUARY ‘ l, 1892. M MMISS‘ Thos. cosm'ovr. Pr ERNEST F LANGSI‘AFF Aurora. -l is ï...
The Liberal, 28 Jan 1892 
Newspapers    ..., LEMQJV. @RQ‘EEQE Evfiigkfifly Address Fine Wines. Liquors am! ngars. 158 KING STREET EAST. TORONTO Velorllmry Surgeon, I have unequalled fuih‘ties for .lanlos If. Stokes. $1.00 Der Year. Salem Erhard! J. T. Saigon". MAPLE RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, JANUARY ‘28, 1892. &apos...
The Liberal, 4 Feb 1892 
Newspapers    .... Toronto, B DI‘IY’I'ON, R C' L ANDRIQW DODs J HERBERT DIVISION, I. L u "EWRIGE‘T BROS“, Underlakei's & Emanmc-I'Ss funeral. Furnishings Always on: fiand “10 Benj. RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4. 1892. RE; ’k‘IflEh‘)’. NOTARY PUBLIC, HIGH...
The Liberal, 11 Feb 1892 
Newspapers    ..., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1892. INEAPLE PM: Thus. (Jamarovo. Prop. ERNEST F LANGSI‘AFF Atr WM. RICHARDSON, Proprietor the above hoqse Inn] prepared taccognmouumou no boarders : puhllc. P. DOYLE quuors and ngars. on or travellers. Firstclass nu attentive hostler. ILL, ON'L. JOHN KELL Y...
The Liberal, 18 Feb 1892 
Newspapers    ... Mtendcd to. A full ‘meuicines constantlycn hand. Iii it MAPLE “I LIBERAL RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 18.92:“ lC 'H‘hos. Cosaron‘. Prey. emvio m1 me . T. Saigcon. dation and every attention to the travelling public. ERNEST F LANG S'I‘ AFF Aurora vs C. Smkes...
The Liberal, 25 Feb 1892 
Newspapers    ... a ens 28th day r. McL-mgh the chair ded succes friends 1892 correspond- on that this inns and snc» in the Doâ€" and Mr vi‘ 8 ml, is the ‘isplace. g9, run of red the trail ind rubbltt m says he bx‘il {eesor tcd Mn N twenty,” i: m has ronto Hatu resugn Ill Airs DI...
The Liberal, 3 Mar 1892 
Newspapers    ... unequalled facilities (or Wm. Skardon, Prop. nary Surgeon, MAPLE 5:: lom Erhard! J. 'l‘. Saigon“, 'l‘hos. Cosgrovr. Prop. WM. RICHARDSON, Proprietor to on shortest, potice rind afi fear Patronage solxcited. Resulcnce RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, MARCH 3. 1892 {meter for the Count...
The Liberal, 10 Mar 1892 
Newspapers    .... (foszrovo. Prop ‘f the Ontario Veterinary College Toronw. DH MISSIONER 1N THE 1‘8. 565 ERNEST F LANGSI‘AFF ICHMOND HILL, 'J‘HURSDAY, MARCH 10. 1892. At rates from WM. RICHARDSON. Proprietor I! Junlled faciliti JOHN KELLY. Prom-inn! Iii! Essential? (ls sold on consignment 6150...
The Liberal, 17 Mar 1892 
Newspapers    ..., THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1892. 'eel. Goods sold 0 stuck. eta. m' Hermes. P.().8n .l. T. Saniggvon tioueer for MAPLE unequalled facihties for Pat“ Thos. (‘osarowu Pro"). ERNEST F LANGS I‘AFF‘ At rates from {"2 fmmm, Unity; in WM. RICHARDSON. Proprietor for the County...
The Liberal, 24 Mar 1892 
Newspapers    ... shall not have been received by them or their solicitors at the time aforesaid. LAWRENCE. ORMISTON &D‘REW, 37-4 Solicitors for the Exei-utors. Dated at Toronto this 15th day of March. 1892. O AilmlahtElilsf Alliance; I Notice is hereby given pursuant to R. S. 0., 1897. Chapter 110, Section...
The Liberal, 31 Mar 1892 
Newspapers    ... or travellers. Firsbclass stabliug and an attentivelmstler. abling and a1 “’m. Skurqlon, Prop. 1889 :1 mos ( Richmon my after L' xefi i‘l tlu su) (flfi ‘led L BN8 ur ercia] me: Sun-m Evkm'dt b-rmm‘ssxonsa IN THE KING RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, MARCH '31, 1892. )ND...
The Liberal, 7 Apr 1892 
Newspapers    ...»Vnm. Skardon. Prop. LAWRENCE, UBMISTON dc DREW )1 .l :1 III SEA ’8 HOTEL, resTHOHNI-IILL 5:: Inn Erhard! CUMMISSIOXER 15‘ THE amount MAPLE 'l‘hos. Cosarovr. Prop. RICHMOND HILL], THURSDAY, APRIL ’7, 1892. user for ERNEST F LANGS I‘AFF' At rates from WM. RICHARDSON, E...
The Liberal, 14 Apr 1892 
Newspapers    ...! at the Town Hall, Vvt‘illtll’e, on Tuesday, the 12“! day day of April, 1892. The Reeve in the chair. Members present: Messrs High, Arnold, Brysoii and Stevenson. The minutes of last meeting were read and on motion approved. A claim for one sheep killed by dog or dogs, valued at $9, was made by Jttllâ...
The Liberal, 21 Apr 1892 
The Liberal, 28 Apr 1892 
The Liberal, 5 May 1892 
The Liberal, 12 May 1892 
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