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Old Moodie homestead 
Image  1900s  The photograph of the old Moodie house on Lot 49. The Old Moodie Homestead at Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Photo Images 
A member of Savage family 
ImageMysteries:    A photograph of a member of the Savage family ready for skating.
A boat on Bond Lake 
Image  ca. 1900s  ...A photograph of a boat on Bond Lake in the early 1900s. John Chatterley charged 5¢ for a ride once around the lake....
Mr. and Mrs. Brooke 
Image  1 Jul 1907  A photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Brooke on the front porch of the Dollar Post Office.
P. G. Savage and his family 
Image  1 Jan 1909  A photograph of the P.G. Savage family of Richmond Hill. Left to right are Palmer (son of Will), Mrs. Will (Palmer) Savage, Armand with his son Peter, Susan (Mrs. Armand) Savage, Albert, William, and Mrs. Albert Savage with her son Keith. Seated are P.G. (Peter Gould) Savage and his second wife,...
Lillian Langstaff 
Image  1905  A photograph of Lillian Carroll (Langstaff) at her 1905 medical school graduation. Mrs. L. E. Langstaff
Isabel and Lillian Carroll 
Image  1900  A photograph of cousins Isabel Carroll (left) and Lillian Carroll.
Lillian Carroll and Edith Beatty 
Image  ca. 1900  A photograph of Lillian Carroll and Edith Beatty.
Edith Beatty and Lillian Carroll 
Image  ca. 1900s  A photograph of Edith Beatty (left) and Lillian Carroll.
Leslie and Mary Innes 
Image  1907  A photograph of Leslie and Mary (Ritchie) Innes on their 50th wedding anniversary on May 8, 1907, in front of their home at 124 Richmond Street, with their three sons: (left to right) Alexander Ritchie Innes, John Leslie Innes, and William Innes.
Robert Hall Collection 
GroupsCollection  1890-1960  This collection was donated to the Richmond Hill Public Library by the Hall family, long time residents of Richmond Hill. It consists mostly of family photographs, but also includes photographic postcards, tintypes, and certificate of confirmation.
The Liberal, 4 Jan 1900 
Newspapers    ... arneters L Oflice, Riclnnond Hill on Saturdays. DI: RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, JANUARY 4-, 1900 N. E. Smith. theeâ€"Three (h ,uk J. GALLANOUGH dH eLs. St” I per cent Belinr 95mm abl'ic P. 0, address Maple mm 81 TOI'OZ: tc at M;ka on Thursday of each Week. So] sun...
The Liberal, 11 Jan 1900 
Newspapers    ... at WRIGHT FOR SALE OOIEIBSIOFEB nu THE RICHMOND HILL. THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1900. N. B. Smith. Eflrgnl. In Essentials, Unity; in Non-Essentiais, Liéert‘y,‘ in all thiqgs, Charity." J. GALLANOUGH Funeral Furnishings both places. BROS. Telephone {7 Telephone 206; Nowmmket Thomh 1...
The Liberal, 18 Jan 1900 
Newspapers    ... Telerhcne 298-1 Jildiug, Toronto J. K. McEwen Weston. To! ' ,lmuo EGG! 1. Adelzude NCE 9 Novmarkct D BLUUGE’ BY! D HILL. THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1900. 1RD U; Lit) As the day for the departure of the second contingent, (li'aWS near, ill)? in- terest. in its iii()l)iliz:1t...
The Liberal, 25 Jan 1900 
Newspapers    ... HILL. Changeâ€"H. C. Bailey. Changeâ€"Atkinson :2 Switzer‘ a 1 £231“: @21th SUMMED UP THE RECORD New Advertisements. anual'y 1900 R. Ager . . . . . . . . . . W. R. Capell \V. Scott . . . . . . . . ‘ T. Read . . . . . . . . . . ‘ Gen. Fox-ester . . . . ‘ RUSS Bizty...
The Liberal, 1 Feb 1900 
Newspapers    ...; MORGAN, Barristers and Solicitors. MONEY TO LOAN ATE; A (53 00d Farnl Ben risters, Solicitors, etc. Richmond Hill on Wednesdays SPENCER LOVE, Eduard! & PI (-mice WRIGHT BROS, MOND HILL & THORNHII.L gum: smiles & Enough. RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY], 1900. .E'. I...
The Liberal, 8 Feb 1900 
Newspapers    .... Barristers, Solicitors, etc. Bal‘ri‘eirrs and Sofirhcrs. GUN SPENCER LOVE; Richmond Hill on Wednesdays Barristers, Suliciim'a, :S'c. Rickard! & ' Fl cnsice )NEY Saigcon a NECEwcni. RECHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1900. WRIGHT BROS, M Stokes a; Blough. Cn...
The Liberal, 15 Feb 1900 
Newspapers    ...'zc ickzu'dl dz 1?: ounce ‘rister, Solicitor. \Iotary. £4. and 78 Freehold Loan Build- cor. Adelaide and Victoria. Streets, Toronto. AL Office, Ric Stokes & .l. l). Readman, RICHMOND HILL, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1900. T'H'a‘. NEWTON TANNING co. Richmond Hill P. 0 , GRANT Ã...
The Liberal, 22 Feb 1900 
Newspapers    ... for the particular work that will be assigned them. Ottawa, Feb‘v 17. 1900. ‘Rfiâ€"G‘ Maple Two large loads from here nttcndcd the concert at Vellorc last Friday evening. lengthy. was we“ carried out. The dobatcprovml vr-ry inn-reeling. Thc subjcct was “Resolved that (‘anada is a butler count! y...
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