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Appointment of guardian of Judith Nichols 
Text  11 Dec 1740  This documents certifies the appointment of guardian of Judith Nichols, daughter of Elisabeth Nichols, to Rebecca Holroide of Woodhouse, County of York. Size: 25x12 cm. Front side: "William Ward, Doctor of Laws, Commissary of the Exchequer Court of the Most Reverend father in God Lancelot, by...
First School in Richmond Hill 
Image    A drawing of the first school in Richmond Hill established in an abandoned building in 1810.
Note describing conch shell 
Text  1812  A note describing a conch shell. Note on the back: This refers to horn (shell) now owned by O. L. Wright, Aug. 1846.
Letter written by Colonel Robert Moodie 
Text  1833-1837  A letter written by Colonel Moodie to James Newton concerning rent of a room in a house. In May 1833 James Newton was departing for Canada from Berwick-Upon-Tweed; Colonel Moodie was killed during Rebellion of 1837. Therefore, the letter was written between May 1833 and December 1837.
James Newton's contract of employment 
Text  8 Jul 1835  Contract of employment signed by James Newton. The community of Elgin Mills, a mile north of Richmond Hill, was really considered a part of the village, owing to its proximity and the fact that a number of men from here were employed at the Newton Tannery. Bicycles were a popular means of...
Indenture for a parcel of land 
Text  6 May 1837  An indenture indicating a purchase of a parcel of land in Vaughan by James Newton from Aaron Munshaw. A part of the document was ripped off and didn't survive.
Shooting of Robert Moodie 
Image  4 Dec 1837  Pen & ink drawing after an engraving.
Amos Wright Collection 
Groups  1840-1880  Amos Wright (1809-1881) was elected as the first reeve of Markham Township in 1850. He was member of Parliament for East York from 1851-67, and chairman of the October 1857 meeting that supported the incorporation of Richmond Hill as a village. His collection includes more than 50 original...
Genealogical note concerning Purdy family 
Text  ca. 1840s  Hanna Purdy was Born May 26th 1788 -------- Mary Purdy was Born May 9th 1791 -------- Elisabeth Purdy was Born March 28th 1793 -------- Charlotte Purdy was Born March 28th 1795 -------- William Purdy Jun was Born September 22 1797 ...
Indenture of Agreement for Sale of Land 
Text  12 Apr 1841  An indenture of agreement for sale of land.
Letter written by Mr. Kinnear 
Image  1843  A letter written by Mr. Kinnear. To Mr. Newton Dear Sir, I have been put into a state of annoyance by Hugh Glass's wife sending up an account she has trumped up against Mrs. Higgins. She has rendered Mrs. H. perfectly useless and ill, and as I mast go into Toronto tomorrow cost what will you will...
Elgin Mills General Store bill 
Text  1845  Elgin Mills General Store bill signed by Jos. Newton and sent to James Smith. Included list of items sold with indication of their quantity and price. List of items is very diversified: one bottle of castor oil, one dozen herrings, one quart whiskey, two and three quarter yards of moleskin, two...
Letter addressed to James Gamble in West Richmond Hill 
Text  31 Mar 1831  This letter is addressed to James Gamble, Province of Canada, West Richmond Hill, Post Office. The letter is full of spelling and grammar errors. Size: 15 3/4 by 12 in.
Cabinet photograph of a woman 
ImageMysteries:  ca. 1850-1870s  A cabinet photograph of a woman from the photo album of Amos Wright, resident of Richmond Hill. Eli J. Palmer is listed as operating photography business in Toronto in ca. 1850-1870s. The motto "Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat" on the reverse side of the photograph can be translated from the Latin as...
Robert Marsh's gravestone 
Image  1850s  A photograph of Robert Marsh's gravestone. Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church cemetery. Sacred in the memory of Robert Marsh a native of Lorrige, Gloucestershire England who died 20th Dec. 1852, aged 81 years. also Sarah wife of Robert Marsh who departed this life April 27th 1837, aged 77 years.
Typical village house 
Image  ca. 1850s  A photograph of a typical village house built in the 1850s. Located at 111 Richmond Street.
Public account audit of Municipality of Vaughan 
Image    A list from public accounts of the Municipality of Vaughan.
Receipt for measuring of Plank road 
Text  21 May 1850  Receipt for payment issued for measuring of Plank road. In the year 1850, a company was formed called "The Markham and Elgin Mills Plank Road Company", with Mathew Teefy as Secretary-Treasurer, to plank the side road from Elgin Mills across to the 4th concession, then south through Victoria Square...
Receipt for building a bridge on Plank Road 
Text  1 Aug 1850  In the year 1850, a company was formed called "The Markham and Elgin Mills Plank Road Company", with Mathew Teefy as Secretary-Treasurer, to plank the side road from Elgin Mills across to the 4th concession, then south through Victoria Square to Cashel. Toll gates were established where travelers...
Receipt for contract work on Plank Road 
Text  18 Oct 1850  Receipt for contract work on Plank Road issued by Mr. Teefy, Secretary and Treasurer. In the year 1850, a company was formed called "The Markham and Elgin Mills Plank Road Company", with Mathew Teefy as Secretary-Treasurer, to plank the side road from Elgin Mills across to the 4th concession, then...
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