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Yonge Street looking North 
Image  ca. 1910s  A postcard depicting Yonge Street looking North in Richmond Hill. Front side: Yonge Street, looking North, Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada Back side: Famous Post Card V & Sons Throughout the World Address only Sideways: The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto Printed in Great...
Yonge St. in Richmond Hill 
Image  ca. 1910s  A postcard depicting Yonge St. in Richmond Hill. Front side: Yonge St., Richmond Hill Back side: Post Card Correspondence Address Only Hand-written in pen: looking South to Methodist Church Lynett (16)
Boyles Pond 
Image  ca. 1910s  A postcard depicting Boyles Pond in Richmond Hill. Front side: Boyles Pond, Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada 600858 Back side: Souvenir Post Card Published by A.J. Lahmer, Vellore, Ont., Canada Printed in Great Britain Hand-written in pencil: 2010.22 17a
John Coulter's gravestone 
Image  1910s  A photograph of John Coulter's gravestone (east face). Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church cemetery. John Coulter born Oct. 31, 1820 died May 30, 1904 Agnes Miller wife of the above born Mar. 27, 1817 died June 29, 1902 Mary A. their daughter born Mar. 1, 1845 died Dec. 5, 1931
Boyle family obelisk 
Image  1910  ...David Boyle Died 25th day of Sep. 1910 In his 90th Year Ann wife of David Boyle Died Oct. 3rd 1859 Aged 32 Years....
The Liberal, 6 Jan 1910 
Newspapers    ... estuhlishod and thin-nugth reliable school. “’intcr Term hvgim; Jan. 4th. Untalngue F199. British American Busmessmcaullege (Vomtknl 17' 3: r\ A n RICHMOND HILL, ONT., THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1.910 REAL ESTATE, ETC. THORNHILL Commissinnex, Conveyancen Insurance, and Real Estm Issuar of Marriage...
The Liberal, 13 Jan 1910 
Newspapers    ... was instructed to send ; the Sick Children’s Hospital the sum ‘ of $5.00, also to subscribe for the | Municipal \Vorld for the year 1910 for ‘ each member of the Council. I The. Clerk was instructed to forward ‘ the. petition referred to in the letter from the Single Tax Association...
The Liberal, 20 Jan 1910 
Newspapers    ... to luau at Five Per Cent, (5%). RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1.910 Barristersfiolicitors. Notaries, 83:. Home Life Building 00:. Adelaide & Victoria Sts.. l‘uronto. WRIGHT BROS. Undertakers & Embaimers, RICHMOND HILL& THORNHILL W. HEWiSON J. EDWARD FRANCIS, NOTARY PUBLIC...
The Liberal, 27 Jan 1910 
Newspapers    ... ELLIOTT 5mm. ' ‘ "‘ n ~ .. , ‘ ‘- uniâ€"xv , was Mm fimmmg RICHMOND‘HILL. ONT.,THURSDAY. JANUARY 27, 1.910 Omnnk‘Roptimd and Expm’t Work Gunmnlued PIANO' TUNING Money to loan on laud auncuatml umngages lowest. rates . Aumrnamcoâ€"Bemowa to the old post...
The Liberal, 3 Feb 1910 
Newspapers    ...L. Keith, Bull, Han-- x-is. FEBRUARY CANAISIAN. ; in Non-Essentials, Liberty; “NO LATITUDE.” COUNTY COUNCIL THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 3, 1.910 ' The. Jews have arrived nnd have caused a nuld excitement in slab-town. “I”, an“, muno w n: apflllL- Miss Greta Lunau, who has been) ill...
The Liberal, 10 Feb 1910 
Newspapers    .... (Inlllorn and Summerfeldt. if: Non-Essmtials, Liberty; in all things, Charity." ., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1.910 Bubtonville. M. P. P.. respund- Sen.‘ I'I.â€"â€"-'Dorot,hy Gordon, May Fisher. Marjorie Cooper, \Villie Ellis, Btj-I't Wiggy. Jun. II...
The Liberal, 17 Feb 1910 
Newspapers    ...€˜lrol. J. ll Patel“ 0 . G. uLoUGn. «Veterinary 5mm. RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17. 1.910 Barristers, Snliclurs. 8m. NATIONAL TRUST CHAMBERS 20 KING ST E. TORONTO. Unuudni FRAxK sz'rox. K. C. W. Munocx BOULTBEF W. H. MLGVIRE Money £0 loan on land anuohuuel ‘ . lowasc rates...
The Liberal, 24 Feb 1910 
Newspapers    .... D. G. BLOUGII, fl eterinargg mum. J K McEwen Weabon RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 24, 1910 ‘A large stock of Funeral Furnishing kept at; both places. Monov to loan an laud anacnathpl lowest rates ' Auroranfliceâ€"Remowa lo the old post oflma one door was: 01 tho...
The Liberal, 3 Mar 1910 
Newspapers    ... choice positions. Take one step towards success today by Writ- ing for our free catalogue. College open entire year. Enter any time. 691:. YONG: AND Auxnm: R 57:. W. J. ELLlO‘n‘. Principal. Barristers and Solicitors. J. EDWARD FRANCIS, NOTARY PUBLIC RICHMONDHILL. ONT., THURSDAY, MARCH 3. 1910...
The Liberal, 10 Mar 1910 
Newspapers    .... H. MCGI'IRE Danton, Dunn & Boultbee Richmonq Iâ€"Iill ISSUER MARRIAGE LICENSES, ELGIN MLIL] AS A large stock of Funeral Fu rnishingi kept at both places | RICHMOND HILL. 0NT., THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1.910 RICHMOND HILL & THORNHIIL IAS. NEWTON Lawrence 84 Dunbar, J. EDWARD...
The Liberal, 17 Mar 1910 
Newspapers    .... in the development of the submarini iron ores at \Vahana, and for improvements, plant. eta, elsewhere . The volume of business transacted by the Company during the year shows a substantial increase, and is in excess 01 any previous yoar, and it is expected that there will be a still furtlmr inrreasp in 1910...
The Liberal, 24 Mar 1910 
Newspapers    ... fret- catalogue. College upon entire your. Enter any time.‘ COR. YONG: AND ALEXANDER STs. W. J. ELLIOTT. Principal. Lawrence & Dunbar, REAL ESEL' RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1.910 Com missinner, Cunveyancer, etc‘ Insurance, and Real Estate Issuer of Marriage Licenses...
The Liberal, 31 Mar 1910 
Newspapers    ...€œMy spirit shall not always strive with 1mm.” All are cordially invited. Cn-uncil then adjourned. to meet at Wright’s Hotel. Noblcton, on Sutur- day, April 30, 1910. Byâ€"lra‘dIHNSfEZ-Z'Q re licensing billiard parlors received its seven-ll readings an}; passgd, Dugganâ...
The Liberal, 7 Apr 1910 
Newspapers    ... PUBLIC [. A NICHOLLS NOTARY PUBLIC TORONTO. ONT. WRIGHT BROS golz’n 5. ?av1'dson THORNHILL RICHMOND HILL. ONT., THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1.910 Barristers. Snlicturs, WILLIAM COOK stack of Funeral Fu rnishing kept at both places voucmc AND , . , , ACTION REGULATING 0X G STV‘ MORGAN \urora 1x3...
The Liberal, 14 Apr 1910 
Newspapers    .... as follows: All examinations will take place on June 27. with the exception of arts special for 1910. which will be held on August 9, 10, 11 and 12, at, the De- partment of Education of the Univer- sity summer school. The other exams. will conclude on the following dates: Entrance to Normal School exams...
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