Methodist United Church

The following is a somewhat incomplete list of men who have ministered to this church: Reverends Catchell, Youmans, Harman, Rob’t Corson, David Wright, Samuel Rose, J. Hughes, L. Warner, Wellington, Jeffers, Messmore, R. Jones, Benjamin Jones, W. S. Blacklock, J. L. Sanders, H. Wilkinson, William Willoughby, S.J. Hunter, E.B. Ryckman, T. A. Ferguson, John Bredin, D. D. Charles Fish, Cunningham, Garbutt, M. Fawcett, Ware, G.T. Brown, Squires, H. Dean, John Hunt 1873, E. Goff 1873, J.H. Starr I875-7, B.B. Dundas 1875, A. Brown 1876, J.W. McCalium 1877-80, W.G. Howson 1877, John Pickering 1880, Peter Addison 1880-82, J.W. Barkwell 1882-3, J.E. Betts 1884, J.E. Starr 1884, W.R. Barker 1884, W.B. Booth 1884-5, W.F. Wilson 1886, T. Leonard 1886, J.M. Simpson 1888-90, G.N. Rutledge 1887-8, J.C. Speer 1890-93, J.T. Morris 1890, Gardener 1891, J.H. Oliver 1892, John Vickery 1893-6, S.W. Dean 1893, Gideon Powell 1896, Geo. McCullough 1896-8, A.J. Paul 1896-7, A.R. Sanderson 1897, R.S.E. Large 1898, N. Wellwood 1899-1902, J.H. More 1901, T. Campbell 1902-6, Percy Peacock 1902, W.G. Smith 1903-6, A.P. Brace 1906-10, W.S. Irwin 1906, H.E. Toye 1907, G. Sydney Smith 1910-4, Wm. Trench 1910, A. Rowe 1911, J.R. Aikenhead 1914-8, A. McNeil 1918-22, H.S. Warren 1922-5, A.A. Wall 1925-9, J.W. McIntosh 1926, G.E. Coulter 1929, C.B. Brethen, Charles G. Higginson.

The Methodist ministers served a four year term up to the time of Church Union, and there was often a young assistant.
Trustees of Methodist United Church
Trustees of Methodist United Church Details
1. W. Atkinson; 2. William Harrison; 3. W. Glass; 4. W. Trench; 5. Hy. Sanderson; 6. J. Duncan; 7. R. Metcalf; 8. Warren; 9. E. Sheppard.
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